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Shanghai Yuanjiang Chemical Co.,Ltd. Is a private high-tech enterprises, professional production and sales of various high quality rutile titanium, sharp type titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, white carbon black, lithopone, kaolin, barium sulfate, such as fine powder series products, have more than one production base, to continue making the company a strength, management norms, the diversity of good quality fine powder pigment strength of the internationalization of enterprises.Products are widely used in papermaking, plastics, printing ink, paint, rubber, daily chemical and other industries.With "edge river card" rutile type titanium and sharp type titanium dioxide, 30000 tons of foreign exports accounted for 60%, mainly sold to domestic and large parts of the United States, Europe, Canada and southeast Asia and other countries and regions.The company can also according to user's requirements, developed in the production of various special specifications of titanium pigment, stable product quality, performance is good, enjoy a certain reputation in the market, welcomed by the masses of customers.
"Quality is the soul of enterprise development" is my company always follow the motto of the company since its inception based on a high starting point, high positioning, high-tech development ideas, in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 environmental management system requirements to run enterprises, the introduction of foreign advanced DCS control system, equipment, and surface treatment technology, key equipment are imported.At the same time brings together a large number of engaged in inorganic white powder chemical technology research, production management, technology development, equipment management, strategic research professionals, mastered the production technology of high-grade rutile type titanium pigment, the partial products well-known brands abroad to dupont series product quality requirements, in domestic has the obvious advantage!
Efforts to develop in the future we will be in accordance with their own conditions, leading to build the company into a region, domestic well-known, management of advanced "green factory" and make unremitting efforts.To provide products and services, the company always keep in mind the Fast, Easy Ordering, Outstanding Quality and Superior Customer Service" the purpose, commitment to clients: the same products than quality, same quality than price, the same price is honest.Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to our company to negotiate business, develop friendship and broad cooperation, create brilliant better tomorrow!

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